Energy Management Products and Services

Energy Advantage represents a new experience in the energy management world. We help organizations meet complex energy management challenges with an end-to-end integrated approach that produces real results to the bottom line. We deliver the most rewarding energy management strategies by providing a full understanding of how you purchase, consume and conserve energy. Our goal is simple; we want to provide an outstanding customer experience using the best energy management services and tools we can provide.

Our Services and Products

Data Advantage

Actively maintaining energy cost and usage data can be challenging and expensive. Energy Advantage can significantly reduce the cost of collecting this data while auditing for billing errors and offering cutting edge web-based tools for reporting. With our fast and flexible approach we can capture this data and upload payment files to most any accounting system or we can pay bills directly from our offices with turn around as little as 24 hours.

Top Ten Reasons Why:

  1. Eliminate and recover billing errors by utilities and suppliers.
  2. Reduce the costs to process utility bills on your own.
  3. Make better energy procurement decisions.
  4. Create accurate budgets and accruals.
  5. Motivate energy users to conserve.
  6. Identify "outliers" with benchmarks and analytics.
  7. Reduce or eliminate late fees on your utility invoices .
  8. Track greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability efforts.
  9. ENERGY STAR and LEED certification.
  10. Get one-on-one access to our energy experts.

Choice Advantage

If you consume energy in a deregulated state chances are that you've been approached by an energy supply company (ESCO) promising cheaper energy at a fixed price. The reality is that everyone purchases energy from the same place and that there are hundreds of ESCOs that offer the same product. We're not an energy supply company. Instead we pool together networks of trusted energy suppliers in your area and competitively bid your energy. The result is lower fees and comfort knowing you have the best price.

Program Highlights:

  1. Lower fees from competitive bidding.
  2. Pricing transparency.
  3. Unbiased approached to network of bidders.
  4. Align your risk and budget with different purchase strategies.
  5. Comfort knowing you have the best price.

Demand Advantage

The cheapest kilowatt is the kilowatt that is never used. That’s the idea behind demand-side management. It’s a service that helps you cut energy cost by finding ways to reduce the amount of energy you use. Whether they come from equipment, technology, systems or behavior, we indentify low-cost or no-cost changes that can provide you with immediate energy savings.

Program Highlights:

  1. Building commissioning or recommissioning
  2. Lighting upgrades
  3. Project services
  4. Design build process
  5. On-site audits and energy opportunity assessments

Ultimate Advantage

The Ultimate Advantage provides you the total energy partner experience. Energy Advantage will work closely with your corporation to design and implement a strategic sustainable plan tailed to fit your objectives. Our customized approach integrates energy procurement, risk management, data warehousing, and demand-side utilization to optimize the most cost effective positive results.


  • Program Highlights
  • Outsourced energy manager
  • Energy procurement and sourcing
  • Risk and Budget Management
  • Utility data and expense reporting
  • Demand-side project management
  • On-site audits and energy opportunity assessments
  • Continuous rate class and billing error analysis
  • Customized energy plans and
  • Much more...