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Healthcare Company On-Boarded in 30 Days


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Company Profile

Fortune 50 Healthcare Organization with 400+ locations across North America.

Pain Point 

(prior to engagement with Energy Advantage)

This organization was severely impacted by a lack of centralization with their energy data.  This led to incurring higher than necessary costs, disorganized utility bill processing, and misaligned supply-side management initiatives.


When Energy Advantage first met with this client we wanted to fully understand what was most important for their organization.  Energy Advantage then designed a purchasing strategy that aligned their corporate goals with how they procure energy.   Our solution also improved asset utilization and cash management.  

Today, with the strategies implemented by Energy Advantage, this client is now in control of their energy budget.  This client also benefits from our professional energy advisement, which keeps them aware of upcoming market changes so they can be better prepared to make decisions.   The ControlFreak™ platform also provides them with accurate cost projections that allow them to become proactive about their budgets.