Rate Class Optimization

Rate Class Optimization

Rate Class Optimization

Utility companies base your charges on your usage, demand, time-of-usage and the rate class that is applied to your account. The rate class represents the utility’s standard billing model that is most effective during the setup of your account. The utility company from time-to-time may change your rate class automatically but in most cases it may take months or years before you see the benefit. As new rate class tariffs become available and as your usage, demand, and operating hours change overtime, it is important to stay updated on your location’s rate class opportunities.


Energy Advantage uses our advanced technology platform combined with regional energy experts that know how to navigate the complexities of a utility’s tariff document to find rate class opportunities for each of your locations. It is also important to understand that Energy Advantage uses a continuous approach to rate class optimization so savings are identified as they happen.

In addition to auditing your rate class, Energy Advantage also provides assistance and recommendations that takes into account: your tolerance for risk, cost-benefit analysis of changing rate classes, impact of any anticipated changes in load, and your risk tolerance for interruptible power.

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