Energy Insights

ControlFreak – 2016.07
ControlFreak is better than ever! We are excited to announce new enhancements and features to our energy intelligence platform, ControlFreak. These new enhancements are available immediately to our valued customers that are already using ControlFreak at no additional cost. If you would like to learn more or are interested in contributing ideas and feedback to future releases, please contact your account manager. New Features We have updated the layout and functionality of the Performance Indicators section under each building. The new updates allow you to group your performance indicators into categories like “Store Hours” and “Units Produced”. The updates also allow you[...]
The top 5 signs you’re overpaying for your energy solutions.
I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a lot of organizations throughout the U.S. about their past and present energy solutions.  It’s been a lot of fun to hear about their success stories and challenges they’ve faced along the way. As leaders in the Energy Age, our team also hears a lot of stories about failed energy solutions from big to small. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some), it’s too easy to pass blame in our industry or just let costly solutions continue to run rampant. Don’t be another victim. Taking control of your resources is how you win in the[...]
Are You Truly Managing Your Energy Risk?
I find it very interesting to learn what the term “Risk Management” means to managing energy within an organization. Most energy managers understand that there are several strategic ways to manage energy risk. But what does this truly mean? Believe it or not, I come across many scenarios where organizations make strategic decisions regarding energy risk without fully understanding the potential outcomes. As a result, they find themselves in stressful situations where dollars are left on the table or where they are significantly over budget. Thoroughly understanding your organization’s goals is always my initial recommendation. For example, your CFO may[...]
Fads Don’t Come Back In Fashion In The Energy Industry
I have to admit that I am a bit of a hoarder. I do know where it came from as every year my mother supplies me with another box of elementary schoolwork or old trophies from my childhood. My wife is always trying to get me to declutter my wardrobe, and I usually oblige. But when it came to my favorite pair of cords, I had to put my foot down even though she told me that they were out style. Traditional natural gas market dynamics that had been relatively the same for the last 70 years have suffered the[...]
California Golf Courses Are On The Defensive
When you think of California Golf Courses, you don’t picture playing a round of golf on dry, patchy hills and no one to be found? With nearly 900 courses throughout the state, golf brings in a substantial amount of money. It makes a significant economic impact. To preserve their stature in such arid conditions, California golf courses are on the defensive. California golf courses hope that with cooperation, water restrictions will work in their favor and allow them to maintain their well-manicured appeal. The California Golf Course Owners Association (CGCOA) released a statement in defense of the importance of the[...]
Top 10 Green Celebrities
Hilary Duff Kicking off the countdown, in the #10 spot is Hilary Duff. You may remember her from the Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire show or from her new series, Younger. Not only is Hilary talented on screen, but she is also literally going green. Her hair is green! More importantly, Ms. Duff was an active member of USA Harvest, the now defunct Kentucky based organization that volunteered pick up from various food suppliers to deliver to soup kitchens, missions and people in need. Although the CEO of USA Harvest was sent to federal prison for 2 years for tax evasion[...]
Integrity As It Pertains To The Energy Industry
The Energy Industry has become a very skeptical place. Businesses realize the necessity to create goals/objectives when it comes to reducing or managing overall energy consumption. Most organizations wouldn’t think of the word “integrity” as it pertains to the Energy Industry. So why should you?   So much skepticism still lies within the Energy Industry.  Some organizations have gone as far as hiring internally to help manage their energy needs, spending a lot in time and resources. Many organizations have felt this was the only way to ensure or protect against vendor uncertainty. Why did this happen….?   Well, the Enron[...]